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Specialists in Business to Business Market Research

How we can help You

we are
Mirror B2B Market Research

In a competitive market place more businesses than ever are turning to B2B market research services to allow them to gain insight, measure progress and gain a competitive edge.

At Mirror B2B Market Research we are specialists in B2B Marketing

We offer tailor made Market Research allowing you to hold a mirror up to your company and gain a greater understanding of how you are percieved in the market place.

How we can help you

By embarking on B2B Market Research we can help you achieve many things.

  • Research will help you benchmark against your competitors.

  • It can enable you to easily measure your progress towards customer satisfaction targets.

  • Research can allow you to identify product or service gaps

  • If you are preparing your business for sale, undertaking comprehensive B2B Market Research can help show potential buyers how far you've come and what your company has to offer in the market place

  • Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep

    - Richard Johnson -

    Our Philosophy

    At Mirror B2B Market Research we want you to be at the centre of the work we under take.

    Our approach to B2B Market research includes both Qualitative and Quantitative research methods depending on what will fit your company best.

    We approach B2B Marketing in a unique way

    Our unique 360° approach allows you to be in control of your Market Research. You may need to focus intently on a small selection of topics or have a fuller view and encompass all of the above. Either way we are here to discuss your needs and help you see what will fit your company best

    we cover the whole of the United Kingdom with our dedicated workforce


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